Massive Photos of Busch Stadium Crowd Let You Prove You Were There

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So, you say you went to the World Series, eh? Well, here's your chance to prove it.

busch stadium fans.JPG
Recognize any of these folks seated in section 148 for Game 2 on October 20?
The Cardinals' website has a gigantic, panoramic photos of all four World Series games at Busch Stadium. You can literally zoom in so close, it's like you're standing just a few feet away from the people in the seats. I just found myself in the auxiliary press box in Game 2 seated next to local sports media legend Skip Erwin, who's wearing two hats to fight the chill.

Can you find yourself in any of the pictures? Once you do, you can tag yourself and your friends via Facebook.

For each game, photographers took hundreds of pictures of the crowd and then stitched those images together for one gigantic photo. Pretty cool.

New York photographer David Bergman shot the "Gigapan" for Game 2 (illustrated above). He tells Daily RFT that he first produced a similar photo montage at President Barack Obama's inauguration. That image has now received over 15 million views online.

This is the third year he's covered the playoffs for, shooting some 30 games this season.

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