Why Are Hate Crimes Nineteen Times More Likely in Kansas City Than St. Louis?

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​The FBI released its annual batch of data on hate crimes earlier this week, offering a breakdown by state and jurisdiction. Here's the most curious thing that jumps out immediately:

  • Number of hate crimes reported last year in Kansas City, population 484,191: 76

  • Number of hate crimes reported last year in St. Louis, population 355,151: 4
  • So what accounts for the discrepancy?

    We don't know.

    A spokesperson with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said the department simply follows the Missouri state statute for the reporting of hate crimes, adding that the decisions are left up to the individual detectives who work each case.

    In Kansas City, the department uses its own policy in reporting bias crimes, which asks individual patrol officers to make a judgement on a possible bias crime when filing their incident reports. Their reports are then forwarded through the department's Perpetrator Information Center, which creates a log of hate crimes and passes them along to detectives, who in turn pass their assessments along to their supervisors.

    Each jurisdiction in the state reports hate crimes to the Missouri Highway Patrol, according to an FBI spokesman. We put in a call to the Highway Patrol's Criminal Justice Information Services Division to help break down the discrepancy between Kansas City and St. Louis and will update this post if we here back.

    Regardless, we should note that comparing jurisdictions when it comes to the reporting of hate crimes should be taken with a grain of salt, as it can sometimes lead to oversimplified conclusions, as spelled out by the FBI.

    Hate crimes occur when there is an element of bias against the victim. Overall, the 6,628 hate crime incidents reported across the country stayed consistent with the 6,604 incidents reported in 2009. The agencies that participated in the Uniform Crime Reporting Hate Crime Statistics Program effort in 2010 represented more than 285 million people, or 92.3 percent of the nation's population. Almost a fourth of the FBI's civil rights caseload comprised hate crimes.

    Here's the breakdown of hate crimes in the country:

  • Race: 47.3 percent

  • Religion: 20 percent

  • Sexual orientation: 19.3 percent

  • Ethnicity/national origin: 12.8 percent

  • Disability: .6 percent
  • California led all states with 1,331 hate crimes that were reported. In Missouri, 167 hate crimes were reported, putting us at No. 14 on the list. Sixty incidents were linked to assaults, but none were linked to murders or rapes.

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    In June 2011, I file another HATE CRIME, I filed one in the Summer of 2010- I filed another HATE CRIME in August 2011VETERANS are being denied UTILITIES and local "Over-Exaggerated" of Personal Property Real Estate TAXES,along with other federal protections, such as "DEPRIVATION of RIGHTs" which are snatching away our VOTING RIGHTS and none of the officials or authorities seem to be doing anything to help remedy, correct nor improve the viciousness of HATE CRIMES of just snatching and stealing homes and residences from low-income area poor Black African American veeterans who ahve HONORABLE DISCHARGES.So thank God for the article / report and YOU are now hereby requested and asked to PRAY for this unbearable situation, because it is only GOD, who can help us as, Veterans and our great nation toward a course ofr becoming and having more civility and HUMANITY !!!  Again, THANK YOU, for this beautiful article, because continue to try and relay how awful these HATE CRIMES is so, complicated and this article, helps to speak volumes about this situation that can be corrcted and turned around with the power of conscienc and PRAYER-

    Much appreciation,Marvin S. Robinson, IIQuindaro Ruins / Underground Railroad- Exercise 2011

    Benjamin Bender
    Benjamin Bender

    Take it from a former STL city cop. There is 1 reason and one reason only. Further it has very little to do with the reality of the situation.

    1. Suppose a Kansas City  cop sees a "Race Crime"....that is one person of one race assaulting etc a person of another AND  yelling out his motive while in the process.....I HATE  N-words!! so now Im gonna hit you... "fill in the blank". Case closed right? NO.

    2. The police officer fills out a standard arrest and incident form (every town and states can and usually are different). He dutifly checks the box race crime and in the summary text explains why.

    3. Report goes up to management (Lt in most cases) who calls officer into his office. So Ben...do you want our fine town to be know as a backward place where its not safe for tourists or people of color? Perhaps they knew eachother and you miss heard what was said. Perhaps they were just drunk buddies fighting.  These stats are collected and careers are made on them....period. Ben now decides if his career is worth making a point and quickly begins looking for an eraser.

    4. If it somehow makes it through as a race crime to the district attorney....he immediatly "ammends the charge".....why should he risk his conviction record? D.A.'s have only one stat...conviction %.  Unlike the movies they do not ever ever ever take cases that are not sure things....plus they are responsible for crime stats so it makes them look bad when they run for office next year.

    Which sounds better? Well citizens...we arrested 2000 people for hate crimes and prosecuted them......or...Well citizens..according to the stats I see before me St Louis has no problem with race crimes cause there were no arrests...right?  Yea for us!  Pay raise and promotion please.

    Meanwhile a few towns over they record stats dilligently and there seems to be some discrepancy. 

    The only crime stat that can in anyway be believed is Homocide. Everyother crime is under reported, miss reported and manipulated to the benefit of the town. The worst offenders are universities and the way they hide numbers of sexual assaults....but thats another story.


    Imagine what the actual Race stat would be if whenever blacks target Whites were included in that figure?


    I really don't understand the whole hate crimes thing? I mean it's like even a feeble elderly White woman resisting a rape by a violent negro gets charged with a hate crime for not giving it up willingly to a fine ebony prince of Africa.


    Goes to show how lazy and full of shit the racist trolls on here are.


    Ya! The least they could do is go out and put their money where there mouth is!

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