St. Louis' Obscure Spots to be Exposed on Travel Channel

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For those of y'all who have cable, the Travel Channel show "Off Limits" will be spotlighting our fair city on Thursday at 8 p.m.

You might fancy yourselves a hardcore St. Louisan, but how many of these places have you actually visited? (Click on each to see a preview clip.)

The Ashley Street Power Plant

The Caves beneath Cherokee Street

The Old Courthouse's dome

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They actually used to give tours of the old courthouse dome in the 1980's; my dad and I went up in the dome with the park ranger.  When we asked about the tours years later, we were told that they had ended due to liability and inability to evacuate someone if they had a medical condition.  Too bad, because it was pretty amazing.

Dr. Discretion
Dr. Discretion

Bernie Miklasz's Outhouse

The S&M dungeon beneath City Hall

The Joe Edwards Steam Room

Ray Hartmann & his codpiece collection

The end zone


Hey Doc:

You failed to mention:

The Robin Wright Jones School of Ethics

The Russ Carnahan Center For Polilticans As Stupid As He

The Tammy Chapman Clinic for Twats Scuffed By Brass Polls

The RFT Closet For Republican Journalists

The St. Louis Post Dispatch Cellar of Fair & Balanced Reporting *

The North Side Club for Non-Violent Thugs

and the most obscure of all:

The St. Louis Archdiocese Chapel For Straight Priests

*The Cellar was completed in 1901 but was sealed for eternity in 1902

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