SLU Proposes Destruction of St. Louis Landmark: Pevely Dairy

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Saint Louis University has asked the city's Preservation Board for demolition permits to raze the old Pevely Dairy complex on the southwest corner of Grand and Chouteau.

The brick campus -- complete with its signature smokestack and giant P-E-V-E-L-Y -- was built around 1915 and served as headquarters for Pevely Dairy until 2008. In 2009 a fire swept through part of the complex, causing one building to collapse. That same year the building was placed on the National Historic Register.

But as Landmark's Association noted last month, inclusion on the register doesn't mean the building cannot be demolished.

It's unclear what exactly SLU plans for the building. The Preservation Board meets later this month.

The university's track record is mixed when it comes to historic preservation. It successfully turned the Morgern's Brothers building into a boutique hotel in Grand Center. It also razed numerous homes last year to make way for expansion of its medical school campus.

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SLU and that child molesting dickhead Biondi once again show their usual disdain for St. Louis' urban architecture. Hey fat fuck, here is an idea, build your ugly fucking doctors building next to that ugly piece of shit you built on Grand across the street from the Pevely dairy where you have plenty of open space. Maybe then it won't look  so much like something some ass clown would have built next to I-270 of all god forsaken places.


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good riddance; the building's useless.  i'd like some businesses to set up shop there so we can get some good stuff to visit between the grand metro stop and all the businesses on south grand, but slu will prolly end up using it for its own campus.  still better than keeping an empty building around just because people have nostalgic memories of it.

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