We're No. 2 in Chlamydia, No. 3 in Gonorrhea!

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Folks, please wear more of these.
St. Louisans are still ridin' durrty - even more than before!

According to fresh stats from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, our city has retained its number-two spot in the nation for cases of chlamydia, and vaulted from twelfth to third in gonorrhea.

If you want to absolutely ruin your morning, check out these images of chlamydia and these of gonorrhea (a.k.a., the drip). Cases of both went up last year in St. Louis, according to the CDC.

Whence these numbers?

Says Pam Rice Walker, the city's health director:
Our data shows that STDs are especially prevalent in our young African American adults. In cases where the individual's race is known, African Americans between the ages 15-24 comprised over 90% of chlamydia and gonorrhea cases.

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Not sure who the "We" is.  The RFT is in the county...


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