Yet Another Young Amish Man Killed in Horse-and-Buggy Accident

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An Amish horse-and-buggy accident
Driving-while-Amish has proved, once again, a hazardous activity in Missouri.

A 19-year-old Amish kid died on Friday after his horse-and-buggy was rear-ended by an SUV north of Seymour a few days earlier.

This comes two years after a 29-year-old Amish man was killed when his buggy was rear-ended by a motorist who may have been texting. And we might be seeing more of this as the Amish population swells in the state

(Some say the Amish need to get the eff out the way; others are more accommodating).

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driving or riding while biker is dangerous to. better known as DWB.


Maybe  19yr old is a little young to take buggy out on the road. Needs help in how to handle traffic (cars).Before going on the open road.  


 In your world 19 is young. in the Amish world like the man below said 19 is already a man. there is two different worlds, the spoiled city slicker suburban immature kid world and the real country life farm life mans grown up at 19 world of the Amish.


 I was riding motorcycles and dirt bikes on the road when I was 12 yrs old. im now in 63 and still riding. of course back then we were a smarter generation than todays kids are. Amish  people are  out after dark  in their buggys on dark back country roads and thats part of the problem. some have orange glow reflectors on the back of the buggy. that helps some but 19 yrs old  is old enough to be a man. a 19 yrs old in the amish world is a man. in suburbia 40 years old is still a teenager and they are still living at home with their parents and are unemployed drug addicts who watch jerry springer all day long.

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