Dana Loesch Departs St. Louis Tea Party

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Dana Loesch riles up the crowd during one of the Tea Party's first rallies in February 2009 under the Gateway Arch.
The co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party has officially left the organization. 

In a tweet this morning Dana Loesch writes: "Yes, I am finished with the St. Louis Tea Party. Not keen on grassroots organizing under a candidate, even unofficially. Never will be."

The St. Louis Tea Party this morning issued its own press release this morning, confirming the split. "The St. Louis Tea Party certainly benefited from Dana's rising stardom and talent," wrote St. Louis Tea Party board president, Bill Hennessy, who founded the organization along with Loesch in 2009. "And we can't help but think our energetic and effective grass roots have propelled Dana's career."

Since helping to found the Tea Party, Loesch has had a meteoric rise on the political landscape, getting a job as a CNN pundit and editor of the right-wing website Big Journalism.

Daily RFT has messages out with Hennessy and Loesch for comment. At this point it's unclear exactly why Loesch left the organization, but Hennessy suggests in today's press release that the two leaders had different opinions on conservative candidates.

"[A]s a local Tea Party organization, we need to focus on the grass roots going into 2012. At some point, though, one party must cleanly break the tension. In this case, the board has moved in the interest of the movement."

tea party logo 2.jpg
Tea'd Off: The organization logo is no more, following Loesch's removal.
Progressive blogger Adam Shriver, who often chronicles the goings-on the Tea Party, reported yesterday that Loesch and Hennessy disagreed on which Republican to support in Missouri's Second Congressional District, with Loesch backing the establishment candidate of Ann Wagner and Hennessy favoring Ed Martin. 

Shriver also reported yesterday that Loesch's husband, Chris Loesch, demanded that the St. Louis Tea Party quit using the logo that he designed. That logo (right) no longer appears on the Tea Party site. 

"We were asked to stop using our trademark logo by its creators," Hennessy told Tea Partiers this morning. "We decided to comply."

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