Jacque Sue Waller Investigation Dealt Setback With Death of Alleged Killer's Father

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Jacque Sue Waller disappeared June 1.
James Clay Waller Sr., thought to be the linchpin in solving the disappearance and presumed murder of a southeastern Missouri mother seven month ago, died yesterday in a Cape Girardeau nursing home without officially giving prosecutors the testimony they craved. He'd suffered emphysema, diabetes and pulmonary disease.

According to prosecutors, Waller's son -- Clay Waller -- confessed to his father that he killed his wife, Jacque Sue Waller, this past June when she stopped by his home to deliver divorce paperwork. Waller Sr. allegedly told an FBI agent of the confession when the federal authorities were investigating an Internet threat Waller made against Jacque's sister. 

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Clay Waller pleaded guilty to an Internet threat this year.
But because the confession was made when investigating a separate charge and because murder charges have yet to filed against Waller, a Cape Girardeau judge denied preservation of Waller Sr.'s testimony. 

The Southeast Missourian has much more on the impact Waller Sr.'s death will have on the case. Suffice to say, though, it's now more important than ever that investigators discover Jacque's body if they're to ever file murder charges. 

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..."If they're ever to file murder charges.."

What kind of stupid comment is that. Filing charges of any kind against a dead person would serve no purpose except to clog up the legal system with another frivilous lawsuit..and even if a lawsuit was filed and the deceased found guilty, what punishment would they mete out? If any prosecutorl pursues something like this they need to be disbarred!


The fathers name is James Ernest Waller, NOT James Clay Waller Sr.


They're talking about filing charges on Clay Waller, not his father.


Makes no difference..it's stil a frivilous waste to taxpayer money.

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