Lambert Airport to Replace All Damaged Windows by Christmas

lambert windows 3.jpg
None of the windows shared the same dimensions, adding to delay and costs.
Well, that only took eight months!

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport announced today that it will finish replacing all the windows damaged from last April's tornado by the week of December 19.

"We know it's taken awhile to reach this milestone, but given the extent of the damage and the unique challenges of manufacturing and installing a new generation of windows into this historic facility, we're pleased with the results," said airport director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge in a statement today.

The $900,000 project required replacing more than 300 panes of glass all of which had to be special-ordered because none of the panes are the same shape. The new windows consists of half-inch Low-E coated laminated glass that features a lining from St. Louis-based Solutia that reduces breakage and limits shattered glass from severe storms.

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Douglas Duckworth
Douglas Duckworth

Milestone? Are they climbing Mt. Everest? Lambert was hit by a natural disaster. The inability of our region, state, and federal government to respond in a timely manner is unforgiveable.

Do our business leaders even care? Do they remember when we were a hub? Why was this allowed to drag on for such a long time? Who wants invest here when we have such a lousy first impression?

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