One Arrested In Crime Spree Involving Four Suspects in a Hyundai

Lennard Brown.jpg
Lennard Brown was arrested yesterday. His alleged accomplices remain at large.
Police have one man in custody and say they know the identity of three accomplices who took part in an armed robbery in St. Louis County and home burglary in Granite City on Monday.

St. Louis police arrested Lennard Brown, 20, early yesterday morning after one of its off-duty officers saw media coverage of Monday's crime spree and identified the suspects caught on a surveillance camera. Police say that that they also recovered property stolen from the Granite City home while arresting Brown. Police are now looking for Trevin Johnson, 19; Durell Dorn, 24; and Walter Nickels, 28. All three men are to be considered armed and dangerous.

The men are believed to be the suspects who rammed into a car in St. Louis County on Monday morning and then robbed the driver at gunpoint when he got out to inspect damage to his vehicle. Several minutes later the suspects -- driving a black Hyundai Sonata -- arrived at a home in Granite City and kicked open a door. Surveillance footage from the home show the men walking off with electronics and fleeing police as Madison County sheriff deputies arrived on the scene.

johnson dorn nickel.jpg
Left to right: Trevin Johnson, Durell Dorn and Walter Nickels should be considered armed and dangerous.
All four men have been charged in Madison County with residential burglary, aggravated fleeing of a police officer, and criminal damage to government property when they struck two patrol cars when making their escape. The sheriff's department says it doesn't know where the three at-large suspects live, but believe all three reside in either north St. Louis or north county.

Anyone with information can call the Madison County Sheriff's Office at 618-692-4433 (dispatch) or 618-692-0871 (investigations). Anonymous tipsters can call 618-296-3000.

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Look up these 4 of these people on casenet.  They all have records, burglery, assault, have been in jail, guns in possession, etc etc, and never paid a bill in their life (including their public defender).  They have been in and out of jail, paid for by our tax dollars to defend them.

Have they had a hard life or they just bad people?  I think they are just bad people.



They carjacked the driver they ran into when he " out to inspect the damage."  An excellent lesson in situational awareness.  How many of you would get out of your car after it just got rammed by another vehicle occupied by 4 black males?  I don't think anyone with any sense would do that.  The proper course of action would have been to first arm yourself if you can, then call the police, then and only then assess what their intentions are.  Assume the worst.  Always.


Bad people is pretty kind.  These are scum and barely qualify as human.  We really need 3 strikes legislation nationwide with a modification that mandates the death penalty on your 3rd strike.  This scum can't be fixed or reformed.  They will always be a burden.

There is a point in dealing with all people where giving up hope for them isn't inhuman, it's intelligent.  Being dead is their first and best destiny, not more prison time.


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