Prisoners Beat Fellow Inmate After Fight Over TV Channel

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television static.jpg
Prison TV creates some static.
Four prisoners facing felony charges in the Madison County Jail now stand accused of one more crime: mob action.

According to the Madison County Sheriff's Department, four inmates were sitting in the cell-block break room playing cards and watching television on December 19 when another sought to change the channel. Following a verbal altercation over what station to watch, a fight broke out that sent one inmate to the hospital with lacerations to the face. That inmate has since returned to jail.

Tom Dixon, spokesman for the sheriff's department, says it's unclear whether the victim was the inmate who wanted to change the channel or someone else. Dixon didn't know what the inmates playing cards were watching at the time. (Could it have been an episode of Beyond Scared Sraight?)

The four charged with "mob action" in the attack were Levell Douglas, 24; Justin Vaughn, 21; Dennis Green, 27; and Briran Blake, 21. Bail for all four was increased by $25,000 following Monday's fight.

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Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

Furthermore as for your comment Being scared straight , the guy mobbed is far from scared straight know your subject before ya go running your mouth , he stood tall like a soldier for his human right as a person , not falling to thier we run this cell block rules bullshit . get your story straight before you go running your mouth ..some dont need gangs to survive, some survive on pure , i'm me, myself  mentality and they stand up for thierselves. but to have four to take down one man , yea the four best be scared straight once they hit population cause now thier going to get tried every corner they turn .=-)

Concerned citizen
Concerned citizen

Where the hell was the round check's ? gaurd's ? Took four men to beat one guy ? I Think Madison County Jail within itself need's investigated as well ..I''ll be sure to see Lawyer's are getting this on inmates behalf that was beaten by mob ..Seem's some staff is not and was not doing thier job  

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