Rex Sinquefield: A Hall of Fame Athlete (WTF?)

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Cue the "Rocky" theme song. It's time to celebrate another fictional athlete.
Rex Sinquefield is making his mark in Missouri in more than just politics these days. The gazillionaire best known for shoveling millions of dollars into political campaigns is also one of our state's greatest athletes. Yep, it's true.

The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame announced this week that Sinquefield is one of 17 inductees to its 2012 class. Other athletes sharing that honor include former Cardinals' outfielder Jim Edmonds, Kansas City Chiefs' great Emmitt Thomas and Mizzou basketball legend Jon Sunvold.

The HOF says that Sinquefield is worthy of induction for his role in founding (and bankrolling) the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis and the nearby World Chess Hall of Fame. Both are fine institutions. We won't argue that. But 'cmon, can you really call chess a sport?

Yes, says the Springfield-based Hall of Fame. It claims it's just following the protocols of the International Olympic Committee, which has recognized the game as a sport.

Er, okay. But you'll note that the "sport" won't be played at London's 2012 Olympics, nor is it scheduled to be played at any of the following two Olympic games scheduled for 2014 and 2016. Apparently recognizing a game as a sport and giving a rat's ass about it are two very different things for the IOC.

Here in Missouri, though? Hey, we got to fill that Hall of Fame with something. 

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