Job Opportunity at Riverfront Times

Update: This job has been filled. For other positions with Riverfront Times and Village Voice Media, check out our online Career Center.

Riverfront Times is still seeking applications for an Editorial Assistant to keep our Editorial Department running smoothly.

Candidates should:
- Be detail-minded.
- Possess excellent communications and writing skills.
- Possess a knack for organizing and following through on complex projects.
- Be gifted with a preternatural knack to maintain a Zen-like calm under pressure.

This position requires extensive knowledge of office systems (phone, fax, computer network), including familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel. And, you know, blogging and stuff.

The ability to work independently in a deadline-oriented environment is a must, database management experience a plus.

Twenty-eight hours per week, with competitive salary. Copy editing test required.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume ASAP to:

Chad Garrison, Managing Editor
Riverfront Times
6358 Delmar Boulevard, Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63130

or email them to

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Can I get a business card that says "Douche McGee, Editorial Assistant"?


Chad: I cannot accept your kind offer to be your Executive Assistant. My heart was broken when you refused to allow me to write an ongoing column: Satire, Shenanigans & General Bullshit. As you said, I am better served by just continuing to write comments,  zingers and stingers, while pissing off the general public from afar. Looking forward to 2012, I send my best Christmas Greetings to you and all the staff of the RFT, including the 47 staffers you laid off when the Kinder saga finally bit the dust! Happy New Year Meows.

Russ Weiss
Russ Weiss

This sounds like my friend Brian Matthews' dream job.  He was once approached by a well-known blog to write for them.  


Does this position require one to supply the Managing Editor with his morning coffee?

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