Santa Makes Special Trip Back to Galleria Just So Kids Can Say Thank You

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This is how it's done. All together now!
​One of the surest signs that the world is going to hell, at least according to Dear Abby and Emily Post and the rest of the nation's advice-givers and etiquette experts, is that young people have abandoned the custom of writing thank-you notes for gifts received.

Which makes us think: This time of year, nobody gives more gifts than Santa. But just how many thank-you notes does he get? (And no, all those cookies don't count.)

On December 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Santa will return to the St. Louis Galleria (and the Galleria only) and re-assume his throne so little tykes can come back and thank him in person. There will be no elves, so no pictures. Just sincere, full-hearted gratitude.

"It's a little twist on the idea that Santa gives and kids get, get, get," says Terri Waters, a spokeswoman for the Galleria. "It's good for kids to know how to say thank you."

This is the second year Santa has returned to the Galleria to accept thanks. Last year, says Christine Poehling, the mall's marketing manager, 100 kids came back to see him. And they were excited about it!

As far as Waters knows, the Galleria is the only place where kids can go thank Santa in person, which means extra hours for just one Santa. It's a delicate operation.

"Santa needs to be careful not to say, 'So, what did you get?'" Waters explains. "Mostly he just lets the kids talk."

Adds Poehling: "Parents really appreciate Santa coming back. They like the idea of helping kids learn how to express gratitude."

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What I wonder is why people seem to believe Christmas and Hanukah are the same thing?

Christmas is a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and the message Jesus Christ spread through his ministries.  

Hannukah is celebrated to commemorate the victory of the minority Macabees’ soldiers over the mighty Syrian army. It's like saying "Happy My Lai Massacre" to someone.

Americans are total idiots.

Santa Claus is even more idiotic. An invention of Coca-Cola and retailers to spur more winter sales off Gentiles. Why in the Hell would you not want your children to know that the gifts they received came from you because you loved them and not some doofus in a red suit who's name is an anagram for Satan.

Kelsey W.
Kelsey W.

I preferred the more terrifying photo, personally.


Let's thank a complete stranger for something they did not do.  Okay.


Dear Abby and Emily Post need to shut the fuck up.  Giving gifts is about giving, not about receiving acknowledgement.  I don't give people gifts with some lofty expectation I should receive a formal thank you.  People that do shouldn't be giving gifts, and the same goes for Santa!


On the contrary, people who don't feel and express gratitude when they receive a gift don't deserve any..

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