Beware of Prying (and Pervy) Santa Sites

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Beware pervy/prying Santa
How sweet!

Little Johnny logs into a website. It allows him to write an e-mail to Santa Claus, explaining how good he's been this year. 

Or he finds a site that promises Santa will pen him a personal letter, if he just plunks in his mailing address.

Um, time to usher Johnny away from the computer. There are certain things he should not divulge. And apparently, certain things he cannot "unsee."

The Better Business Bureau is now advising parents "to check the sites out carefully to avoid having their child's privacy invaded or worse."

Worse? Whaddya mean?
Some sites are geared toward adults and may contain language or advertising that parents may not want children to see.
Daily RFT did a little digging for such sites, but then realized that the FBI might develop an interest in someone doing Google searches such as, "Filthy Santa Claus Websites That Are Really Good at Ensnaring Young Children."

So we stopped. (And if you know the answer off the top of your head, we don't really wish to hear from you).

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If the parents of children like Little Johnny would use privacy or parental controls on their computers, the Little ones could not have real or accidental access to adult sites. When the parents let the Little ones contact Santa or the Easter Bunny they should first check the website.

But adults are also prey to being taken to websites that are disturbing. Last week I was horrified. I was searching for chocolate cheese cake but was taken to a picture Maxine Waters' saggy ass!  And if that wasn't bad enough, last year I was searching for religious oriented websites pertaining to Jesus. I found a link which advertisted: "Need help? Jesus is the answer." So I called the website's telephone number. Thirty minutes later a Mexican with a lawn mower showed up at my door! 

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