Sexiest Cross-Dressing Bank Robber Contest! Cast Your Vote Today!

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Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. I'm just your typical bank patron. Nothing to see here as I talk on my cellphone with my knockoff Coach handbag, my hoop earrings and fabulous wavy wig. Pink sweat pants? Yeah, I got 'em. I also got a gun in my purse, so hand over all your money, motherfudgy!
The FBI is on the lookout today for the man (above) who dressed as a woman to rob the St. Louis Community Credit Union in Dellwood on Monday. The bank robber is at least the third thief in the past year (or so) who's dressed in drag to rob a St. Louis area financial institution. That led us to wonder: Which of the bandits made the best woman? That is, who did you think was sexiest? Cast your vote after the jump!

contestant 1 shemale.jpg
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1.The O.G. - This guy was the first (in recent memory) to dress in women's wear to rob a bank when he knocked off the Southern Commercial Bank in south St. Louis in September of last year. Notice the moo-moo dress and blown-out wig!

contestant 2 shemale.jpg
2. Martin Lawrence Eat Your Heart Out! - Check out the smooth skin, delicate hands and lip-sticked kissers on this thief who robbed the Vantage Credit Union in Lemay last October. S/he is arguably the most feminine, but does that make him the sexiest?

contestant 3 shemale.jpg
3. Pink Sweat Pants - As mentioned above, yesterday's thief certainly deserves style points for the hoop earrings, purse and sweat pants. But is he the sexiest lady?

Cast your vote below!

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