Should Undocumented Sexual Predators Be Detained or Deported?

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Missouri Department of Mental Health
He came for the American dream, but this is what Javier Calleja will likely get.
​In a unanimous opinion made public this morning, a three-member panel of judges with the Missouri Court of Appeals in the Eastern District sent a pointed -- some might say ironic -- message to illegal immigrants who desire to live the rest of their lives in America but are then caught up in violent sex crimes: be careful what you wish for.

When an illegal immigrant is determined to be a sexually violent predator, his or her alien status should not lead to deportation, ruled the judges. Rather, they said, those foreign-born offenders should be confined to a secure facility, just like any other sexually violent predator in Missouri.

And if you read between the lines, that disposition, one might argue, amounts to a lifetime sentence with the state's Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services program, run by the Missouri Department of Mental Health down in Farmington. Since the facility opened its doors about a decade ago, 177 offenders have been committed. No one has ever left.

The judges' ruling ignites a fresh immigration debate on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court's announcement yesterday that it will weigh in on Arizona's contentious racial-profiling bill next year.

In his appeal from the Circuit Court of St. Louis County, Javier Calleja, a foreign national from Mexico, argued that, since he is an illegal immigrant, his alien status should have been considered by the probate court, which decides whom to admit to the Farmington facility.

Calleja had previously pleaded guilty to first-degree statutory sodomy. While serving a five-year prison sentence, the state filed a petition to involuntarily commit him as a sexually violent predator and requested that the probate court exclude all evidence of his illegal alien status, as well as any deportation order. The state called his immigration status "irrelevant and prejudicial."

During the trial, psychologist Richard Scott testified that Calleja, in his judgment, was a sexually violent predator and was more likely than not to commit another predatory act of sexual violence if not confined in a secure facility.

In its ruling, the appeals court agreed with the state, calling Calleja's immigration status "irrelevent" to the probate court's decision.

It certainly raises an interesting debate. If Calleja is such a danger to society, nobody wants him out on the streets -- on any street, in any country -- at least in the short-term. But since Calleja entered the United States illegally, should American taxpayers be on the hook to fund his detention? Perhaps for the rest of his life?

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Vicki Henry
Vicki Henry

Two points here; 1) Do you want to pay $325 a day for "as was stated previously in another journal" non-existent SVP care at this facility?  I mean, really!  Deeming someone a SVP just because they came here illegally and expecting the taxpayer to house and "care" for them in a facility that has been around for "12 years" and released not-one-person is what I consider irresponsible.  You don't do things just because you can!  Also, there is no solid program for those at the SORTS facility who could be given a process for release.  Some states do not have a separate facility for SVPs.  The have them in the same facility as others with sexual offenses. To incarcerate one person costs approximately $26,000 per year.  You do the math at $325 a day for a SVP in a private facility.  Also, do some research.

2) The recent scandals at Penn State, Syracuse University and the Citadel are just the tip of the iceberg.  Now that folks feel it is OK to talk about what some parent, relative, friend or someone known to the family did to them society, law enforcement and legislators will have to start educating children as to who they need to beware of and its the ones that, to date, have not been on any PUBLIC SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY.....the false sense of security provided to you via Congressional mandate at the cost of millions and millions of dollars.

Women Against Registry dot com    


tHaT wOuLd BeE aS rAySiS aS hElL sToP bEiNg HaTeRz!

SignedA Liberal Who's Afraid of Their Own Shadow


Every illegal alien should be deported whether they are sex offenders or parking violaters. But of course that will never happen since Obama classifies them as undocumented democrats.


A very good question, but one with a very simple solution.  You cannot "cure" or reform a pedophile.  Since they will always be a potential danger and due to the nature of their crimes they should be killed.  Their immigration status is still irrelevant regardless of the death sentence, they are no longer a threat to society, and taxpayers are not on the hook for a lifetime of incarceration.

Wake up folks.  There are people in our society who, through their actions, make themselves valueless.  I would provide the example of the recent RFT blog post on TJ Volner - the young man who slit the throat of a child - as a prime example of this point.  You can't fix someone like Volner and you can't fix pedophiles.  Killing them is the best choice, for them and society.

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