Tonight St. Louis Nudists Celebrate "Fleshtivus"

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kendra holliday fleshtivus.jpg
Ho-ho-ho: Kendra Holliday models her outfit for tonight's Fleshtivus.
Okay, okay. So not all the 40 people expected to attend tonight's "Fleshtivus" party are nudist, per se. Some are exhibitionists. Others label themselves as "sex-positive" -- believing that their sexuality (and exposed genitalia) is nothing to be ashamed of. A handful may not get naked at all. They'll just take in the scenery.

"It's a clothing optional party," explains organizer Kendra Holliday. "It's whatever you feel like. Some people may just be topless. Some might wear an open robe. Of course, I'll be naked the whole time -- you've got to lead by example."

Members of the website Sex Positive St. Louis have been hosting naked parties every other month for the past year, with tonight's first-ever Fleshtivus a spin-off of the Seinfeldian holiday, Festivus.

"Instead of airing your grievances (like Festivus), we'll share with each other our biggest regret of the past year," says Holliday. "There's something about sharing your personal disappointments while naked that opens you up to a new level of vulnerability. It can be very cathartic."

kendra holliday sliding.jpg
Know what else is cathartic? Sliding naked into the snow.
Fleshtivus isn't for everyone. Those attending tonight's gathering -- taking place at an undisclosed south city home -- have all been personally vetted by party organizers.

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