St. Louis Sees First Snow of Winter

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snow december 27.jpg
In case you don't get out of bed by 11 a.m., here's what it looked like.
It's official. December 27 is the fist snowfall of the 2011-2012 winter. St. Louis picked up about an inch of extremely wet, white-stuff overnight.

It won't last long.

Temperatures are expected to reach the mid-40s today under partly sunny skies and get even warmer later in the week. No more snow is predicted for the next 10 days, according to the RFT's "Doppler radar," ie.

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What's nice about snow in the St. Louis area is that it covers up all the garbage and trash in the streets and along the sides of the road for awhile making the area look as if it's not the filthy dirty 3rd World shithole that it really is.


Ohhh, an inch of wet snow!

 Let me tell 'ya honey, snow is just like dick. It ain't no fun unless it's over 8"


Yeah, that and it typically causes suburbs shit eaters with long commutes to crash when they forget that driving a SUV does not make you invincible in snow and ice. That's the best part of a snowstorm in this town, driving around sensibly in my smaller car and looking at all the stupid fucksticks in SUVs sliding around and crashed into embankments. Maybe this winter I will have the good fortune to get to see one of these south county living pinheaded pricks lose it and go into the River Des Peres, now that would make my winter!

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