Nooooo! Yakov Smirnoff Ending Branson Performance

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Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Branson is great, but America? "What a country!" And Yakov says it's time to see more of it.
After twenty years, Ukranian comic Yakov Smirnoff is winding down his live performance in Branson. Smirnoff will continue his act at his theatre through 2012. He then plans to take the show on the road. 

Yesterday Smirnoff told the Springfield News-Leader that Branson had been and excellent workshop -- "a laboratory of laughter" -- but it was time to do something different. He'll continue to maintain his residence in Branson and rent out his theatre to other acts. 

In 2007 Riverfront Times visited Branson and spent an afternoon tooling around town with Smirnoff behind the wheel of a convertible. Said Smirnoff of his reason to relocate to the southwest Missouri town in the early 1990s: "I wanted to go to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but they didn't think I'd be funny anymore. Then I heard of Branson."

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He is proof that Ukranian jews are every bit as boring and self interested as American ones.


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Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev

Now I can make advantage of lucrative opening....GREAT SUCCESS!!!

Brad Hicks
Brad Hicks

I don't mean this to sound mean-spirited, but every time I saw an ad for his show, I was baffled he was still performing it. The Cold War's been over for twenty two years! For a guy who was basically a one-joke comic, he had a good career run, all things considered.

Mike N.
Mike N.

In Soviet Russia, Branson ends you!

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