2011: St. Louis' 4th Warmest Year on Record

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If you thought last year seemed a bit hotter than normal, guess what? You were right!

According to the National Weather Service, last year's average temperature of 58.7 degrees was tied for fourth as the warmest year on record. The summer months of June, July and August were also the fourth-warmest on record (dating to 1874), with an average temperature of 81.9 degrees. In 2011 St. Louis had 15 days with high temperatures equaling or exceeding 100 degrees.

Other fun facts from the National Weather Service's report:

  • St. Louis tied its warmest September day ever when the thermometer reached 104 degrees September 1.
  • January's 14.7 inches of snow made it the sixth snowiest January on record.
  • April was the seventh wettest April on record with 7.88 inches of rain.
  • St. Louis had 58 days (tied for 6th place) with temperatures equal to or exceeding 90 degrees.

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Warmest year on Record. And the City does not have the sense to operate MUNYin May and September?  That's like putting signs on the highway ;'Here, take ourtravel business'.


sure, but that whole "global warming" thing is still made-up, liberal malarkey!...

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