Local Artist Wonders, What If Barbie Were Secretly a Hoarder?

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First you build the room:


Some of that furniture really is from Barbie's Dream House, only Becker makes sure to obliterate any traces of pink with spray paint. The stains on the floor are coffee. Coffee is very useful in creating filth. So is actual dirt, collected from the filter of a Dust Buster. The dog poop on the floor is a Re-Ment meatball, re-purposed.


Becker finds the right camera angle so the room will look full-sized and frames her shot so she knows where to strew the trash. She also sets up lighting. She prefers her final images to look like somebody just walked into the room with a cheap camera and used the flash; she finds they look more realistic that way.


Then the filthing-up begins, sometimes aided by tweezers.


Since Re-Ment specializes only in cute things, Becker makes all the bags, boxes and other garbage herself. She spent 40 hours creating a cache of wadded-up newspapers. She doesn't hesitate to incorporate bits of her Re-Ment collection, though.


The kitchen life-sized:


And in real life.


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