Gunfire on New Year's Eve Made St. Louis Sound Like Afghanistan, Rick Perry

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Was Rick Perry in St. Louis on New Year's? Sounded like it!
Ignoring the exhortations of St. Louis' Finest, some St. Louisans clearly did pop off some hot ones when 2011 turned to 2012.

Nevermind that "what goes up must come down." When we feel like celebratin' with random sprays of gunfire, dammit, we gonna. If GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry can do it, why can't we? 

One gentleman recorded some of the action and uploaded it to YouTube. You can't see anything in the video, but you can sure hear it.  And here's the dude's comment:
This is what we do in America on New Years. Sounds like a city being invaded. Yes, some of those shots were from me.
Git some! (But hey, maybe try not to kill peoples, please).

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This is just another attempt by the RFT to smear a Republican. A distorted lie about the facts of the picture. The truth stretched to the breaking point. Muckraking at it's best!

David Braun
David Braun

In that picture, Rick Perry is firing a gun loaded with blanks to start a race. That's very different than idiots randomly firing real ammunition into the air.

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