Jerald Massey: St. Louis Homicide No. 6; Killed in Home Invasion in Grove Neighorhood

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Two men were injured and another killed Saturday night during a home invasion in the 4300 block of Swan (below) in St. Louis' Grove Neighborhood.

4300 swan.jpg
According to police, three armed suspects entered the residence near Manchester and Tower Grove around 9:10 p.m. and announced a robbery. Jerald Massey, 32 of the 2000 block of Ottkamp in north county, was shot in the raid and pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Police say the other two victims were shot as they fled the home. An 18-year-old black male was treated and released for a gunshot wound to the buttocks. A 21-year-old black male was in the hospital yesterday with a bullet wound to the left thigh.

Police described the three suspects only as black males. More information as it becomes available.

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As RFT tracks this also call for the City to have the courage to collect $25 million a year in ticket tax revenue it was 'pressured out of' by owners of the Cardinals, the Fox Theater, the Blues, Scottrade, the opera house and others. $25 million a year might be low. This is kept very 'quiet'. $25 million more a year would enable the hiring, training and equipping of more police officers who could deter at least some of these homicides. It is a testament only to greed that operators of  these entertainment enterprises  have not already come forth with the money. 


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