John Bosler: Parents Stand By Son Who Assaulted Them

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John Bosler
John Bosler, the 33-year old House Springs man who assaulted his parents in February of 2011 after an argument about his continued unemployment, was sentenced to a 120-day prison treatment program yesterday. He will not be in the general population during his sentence, and he'll move to a halfway house upon successful completion of the term -- this despite beating his 69-year-old father about the head with a metal pipe and stabbing him with a kitchen knife, and then slashing his 56-year-old mother.

Bosler pleaded guilty to three charges of second-degree assault back in October, and yet both his mother and father stood by his side during the sentencing. There's something terribly sad about a grown man who can't find work turning on his parents in such a violent way, and it's only compounded by the show of parental support. Desperate times breed desperate men, and that prison time is only going to complicate his job search.

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This is a future disaster waiting to happen. This isn't some bland case of tempers that ran high and harsh words and a shoving match, this was someone inflicting mortal wounds-stabbing, blunt force attacks. I am glad his folks love him but whatever is wrong with him is more than just being out of work too long(Assuming he has ever worked, which I don't know) and angry with mom and dad. Lots of people live at home still, the economy sucks so its the reality, but those people are generally grateful to have the place to live and aren't also attempting to kill said family members for helping them out. this is not the last we've heard of this man...


I love when people make assumptions and have nothing to base there half-educated opinions on.

Antoinette D Johnson
Antoinette D Johnson

That so called "prison treatment program" needs to keep his ass locked up. Of course his parents love him, that's their child. But as a mother, I think I might be a little stand offish if one of my sons ever even thought of hurting me like that. And where's he going to go live after the half way house? Probably right back to the parents' home. The system sucks, this is a disaster waiting to happen!


hes probably a hermit with paranoia

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