Logo Bandit Believed to Have Hit Two Banks in One Day

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​This probably isn't what Nike had in mind in terms of brand advertising.

The St. Louis Logo Bandit, whom we've covered before, has continued his now-notorious bank-robbing spree through affluent areas of west St. Louis County. The image-conscious thief, who tends to sport brand-name apparel during his heists, is thought to be the mustachioed man wearing a Nike hat and presenting a demand note during a robbery at Bank of America in Warren Woods yesterday morning. (The man, captured on surveillance video and seen above, with more photos at bandittrackerstlouis.com, left with an undisclosed amount of money.)

The sporty-lookin' crook wasn't done for the day, apparently.

Later in the afternoon a man wearing a mustache and what appears to be the same Nike cap handed another demand note to a teller at a Truman Bank in Clayton -- the same bank that was hit last November by a man with a mustache and an Adidas jacket.

Authorities say the Logo Bandit is a white man between 25 and 30 years old, and about 5',9" and 180 pounds.

If it's true that the robber with the Nike cap -- Just Do It! -- is indeed L.B., that would bring his tally of bank robberies to seven, according to the FBI.

Anyone with information can call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.

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Lego was  one of the Kiener Plaza Occupiers. Disillusioned by the Occupy Movement's total failure to accomplish anything or to be remembered at all three weeks later, Lego now robs banks owned by those evil one-percenters. And he is the only Occupier who has  gotten anything from those blood sucking capitalists. So, let's give it up for The Occupy Movement for creating one new job in the financial industry - our stimulus money hard at work! Only in America baby, only in America!

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