Logo Hat Bandit Caught; No One's More Surprised Than Him

Categories: Crime
bryon gullion.jpg
I don't care what kinda hat he wears, those eyes will haunt your dreams.
St. Louis County Police Detectives, acting on information relayed to them by the Maplewood Police Department, have arrested Bryon J. Gullion, the so-called "Logo Hat Bandit," in the 7000 block of Glades in Richmond Heights. There was no information in the report concerning what sort of hat he was wearing at the time of his apprehension.

Gullion, 35, is charged with robbery in the first degree, and is facing further charges in other municipalities for his alleged string of crimes. He's being held on a $50,000 cash-only bond.

The obvious question at this point is how he got the nomme de crime, "Logo Hat Bandit." "Crazy Eyes Bandit," or "The Guy Who Stares Into Your Soul Until You Hand Over the Money" seem much more likely.

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