Mr. Clean Lookalike Has Some Filthy Habits

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Jack C. Baldwin, 46, has been charged with predatory criminal sexual assault and aggravated child pornography. The Belleville man was allegedly sending sexually explicit images to the cell phone of an eleven-year old girl -- a girl who was not only the daughter of a lifelong friend of his, but whom police now believe was also sexually assaulted by Baldwin when she visited him this past year.

So it wasn't bad enough that he violated a child; he also continued to violate her from a distance. Worse, the girl's mother told police that Baldwin has other female friends with daughters the same age as hers, so there very well may be more victims. Anyone who has more information can contact Belleville police at 618-234-1218.

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Why was her 11 year old with him ALONE anyway? Parents need to take better care of their kids. Who cares if he was a life long friend, doesnt she see the disgusting stuff going on in the news......come on!!!!


Sick bastard.  String him up by his balls and let the parents get ahold of him dumb ass.


I can't believe the guy is 46.  Damn.  Disgusting.  Castrate the effer.

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