Peter Kinder Second to Anthony Weiner in Embarrassing Tweets of 2011

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'Cause 4,059 people need a good laugh.
Peter Kinder didn't need the Riverfront Times to embarrass him last year by exposing his bizarre relationship with a former stripper and Penthouse centerfold.

It turns out Missouri's lieutenant governor is plenty skilled at embarrassing himself -- via Twitter. Last week the NationalJournal named Kinder as its second-biggest "Twitter Loser" of the year, right after disgraced New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who famously stepped down from Congress after tweeting nude photos of himself.

As for Kinder, here's what the NationalJournal had to say: 
Missouri Republican Lt. Gov Peter Kinder never seemed to learn from his social media missteps, tweeting on multiple occasions about questionable things. In November, he re-tweeted a message about free wings at Hooters on Veterans Day while he was still considering a run to challenge Missouri Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon. It was far from the first time Kinder's tweets were scrutinized. He had previously urged his followers to "vote for [a] hot wife in the Top 25 Political Mom blogs" a day after Missouri was hit by the deadliest tornado in nearly 60 years and tweeted about "hostage situation" in a government building in 2009 only to later discover the incident never occurred.

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Comparing Kinder to Anthony Weiner in this "story" is a f_cking joke.Let's see: if true, Kinder, never married, had the real hots for a Penthouse quality STRIPPER 15+ years ago and wanted to get in her pants.  She says he got "overly aggressive" with her during lap dances but he spent $200 whenever he went to the strip club.  He wrote her letters (but she gives no lurid details on the letters)  He brought her gifts, and showed up as much as twice a week, shelling out some big money (most of it likely to her) when he went to the club.  Asked her to attend functions out of town with him...Finally she had had enough of his "attention" and "aggressiveness" and told him not to bother her.  He eventually got the hint and moved on.How come this tease never told him he had no shot with her because she is GAY (until years later)? BECAUSE SHE WANTED THE MONEY!   WOW, what a creep this guy is! (sarcasm) He's spending $200 at a time and can't even get to first base with her.  the nerve of this guy to be persistent trying to bag a smoking hot chick.   Then THE RFT publishes a photo of SHE TOOK of them recently at a bar (where this tease worked and still pranced around flaunting her looks) but she says she doesn't know how the RFT got it.  This is the guy that might have done it:  (now that video's creepy. creative but creepy)    This whole story makes him unfit to run for governor according to the RFT.  If going to strip clubs is so bad, why is that where half the RFT's advertising comes from? 

Now, this Anthony Weiner douche is a US CONGRESSMAN, a MARRIED MAN with his wife EXPECTING their first child (& she works for HRC), and HE IS tweeting &/or texting pictures of himself posing shirtless, and also pics of his DICK to a college age stranger.  ( He then concocts lie after lie about the right creating false stories, and people "pranking" him, and stands by the lies for 2 or 3 days. He even jokes about it, and tries to change the subject during national interviews because he is too busy "working" for his constituents. He finally gets pinned down, then has the nerve to CRY in his press conference as he rescinds office in shame.  He then admits to similar behavior with as many a 6 woman over a 3 year period.  I'm wondering, has the RFT ever published a picture of Weiner's dick?  I couldn't find one. I'd imagine most of America hasn't seen the DICK picture for that matter. But you'll continue to mention Kinder's name whenever you can, and now you even tie him to Weiner.  There's a reason your paper get's smaller and thinner by the week.  You're part of the MSM and you suck.


Wow! Another Peter Kinder story just as we thought the RFT had given him a decent burial. Never fear, Chad's here beating the dead horse into another non-story. But what does one expect from a Democrat who gets one of those Chris Matthews-Tingles-Up-His-Leg-Erections whenever Kinder is mentioned?

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