Poll: What's the Next Big Thing in St. Louis Bank Robbery Fashion?

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We got your "accessories to bank robbery" right here!
To their credit, St. Louis bank robbers -- apart from being scary/life-threatening -- do exhibit quite a flair for costumery. From The Boonie Hat Bandit, to the Logo Bandit, to the recent cross-dressing fad, their trunk is deep, and their tastes, varied. But check out this headline from today's Post-Dispatch:

St. Louis County Police Looking for Sharply Dressed Bank Robber

First of all, they will undoubtedly catch this crook provided he never changes clothes.

Secondly, shirt-and-tie? Snore. Time to zhuzh things up a bit. This is bank robbery.

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 The next big thing will be the mascot. Statue of Liberty,  Caesar. There are so many of them, it would be hard to find the right person. They all wave alike!


OMG, it's Russ Carnahan! Desperate to raise money for another run for congress, he now robs banks since no one wants to support the Democratic party's version of AMERICA'S BIGGEST LOSER!


It's the giveaway Pujols jersey for sure...cause nothing says take the money and run like a Pujols jersey!!!

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