Albert Pujols' New Baseball Card

Pujols bb card.jpg
(c) 2012 Topps Co
CNBS sports reporter Darren Rovell posted this dagger in the hearts of Cardinal fans. Close examination of the bottom right corner of the base reveals a Kansas City Royals logo, which means this photo was most likely taken during either the May 21 or May 22 game at Kauffman Stadium, so everything about this card is a fraud.

The card is part of the Topps series that will be available next Wednesday. Consider yourself warned if you're a card collector.

Presumably, Albert's gigantic sack of money will get its own card in the next series.

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not to get all zapruder on you or anything, but wtf? yeah, it's more than likely kauffman stadium, and yeah, it's definitely el hombre, but...why is the runner running to first base from the direction of right field?

Paul Friswold
Paul Friswold

Having been to a few Royals games in my time, I can tell you that that's just how they play the game. Poorly, and with little adherence to the fundamentals.

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