St. Louis Rams: Leasebreakers?

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Stan Kroenke was perhaps so preoccupied with trying to buy another sports team that he neglected to read all the fine print on the St. Louis Rams paperwork. It was recently announced that the Rams would play one home game per season in London for the next three seasons, because Stan wants to show off his newest toy in front of one of his older toys.

The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission feels compelled to point out that legally, that may not be possible.
In a statement issued this afternoon, the CVC drops the hammer in a very civic-boostery yet pointed manner -- no wonder we put them in charge of promoting St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS -- January 27, 2012 -- Having the Rams play a game in London will elevate an awareness of St. Louis on the global stage, much as the Saint Louis Symphony's upcoming tour will do.
That said, our lease with the Rams requires that the Rams play all their home games in the Edward Jones Dome. We immediately brought this to the Rams' attention and are awaiting their reply.
The solution here is obvious: Stan should fly everyone in London to St. Louis for those home games. That way the Rams' long-suffering season ticket holders don't lose a game they're paying for, London's NFL fans can still see the game and St. Louis gets an influx of tourists one weekend a year for the next three years.

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Kroenke is smarmy money grubbing little cunt which to our societies detriment seems to be the case with a majority of this nations wealthy and powerful right now. The scumbag will take the Rams wherever he wants if he cannot extort this region for all of the free money he can to make as much as possible for himself with little to no risk. The sad thing is that he will still find all manner of apologist fools in the population that will blame the city's leader for not immediately getting to work once the bad haired narcissist unzipped his fly. Not too mention that he will find plenty of other cities willing to felate him financially once he comes inquiring.

handsome jimmy
handsome jimmy

This oughta be a nice little Pandora's box that Kroenke has opened. PSL and season ticket holder here that is not too pleased with the planned London series.

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