Suspect Arrested for Murder of Neighborhood Alliance Volunteer

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Norm White
Willis was a dedicated volunteer at Better Family Life.
On Friday, the Circuit Attorney's office charged RaMaurice Williams, a 26-year old from Granite City, Illinois, with the January 1 murder of Conyea Boroum Willis.

It happened less than an hour into the new year. Willis had been getting into his car in the Walnut Park East neighborhood, when he was approached by a man who demanded money and then shot him twice in the stomach.

Willis had been volunteering for Better Family Life's Neighborhood Alliance initiative for two years (for more info on Neighborhood Alliance, read our September feature story You Say You Want A Revolution). He was 52 years old and had two daughters, one son, four grandchildren, and one great grandson.

Williams faces charges of first degree murder, first degree robbery, and armed criminal action. He's been arrested and is being held without bond.

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This man Conyea, was so much more than a volunteer for Better Family Life ! He was a Kind,gentle, generous man who defied judgement based on his "outward covering". He was a devoted member of The St Louis Dream Center Church, an Outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries, and you could always find Conyea cutting hair for the Homeless and anyone else who wanted to sit in his chair. He was the first homicide of the year in St Louis. A stark contrast to the irony that he also volunteered his time to the "Put the Pistol Down" Campaign, also sponsored by Better Family Life. A senseless killing, but isn't all killing senseless ? It is soooo time for us black folks to stop killing each other !    R.I.P. Conyea.....The Dream Center Loved you and will miss you very much !


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