LaGrange Man Files Federal Lawsuit Against Cop Who Shot His Bulldog

WARNING: The clip below might be disturbing to some. The first shooting happens at the 5:26 mark.

This video above is not new; it's been on YouTube for a year and a half, garnered some 680,000 views, and sparked all kinds of outrage (see the comments below the vid; even the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has taken note).

What's new is this: Yesterday, the dog owner filed a lawsuit in federal court against the officer and the City of LaGrange, claiming his Fourth Amendment rights were violated (that's the amendment concerning unreasonable searches and seizures).

To start from the beginning:  The whole thing went down on March 31, 2010, according to the complaint.

Mays' dog, Cammie -- a 1.5-year-old female American bulldog -- was in heat. She broke free from her chain.

A neighbor saw her roaming loose, and called the cops. This wasn't the first time the neighbor had complained about the dog, says the plaintiff's attorney, James W. Schottel, Jr.

(You might remember Schottel; he settled a suit against The Apprentice back in 2005, and is on the team that's trying to thwart Paul McKee's Northside Regeneration).

Image via
A standard American bulldog
As you can see in the video, the cop -- Officer Doug Howell -- subdues the dog with a snare pole then shoots her in the chest. After about 35 seconds, she starts to wag her tail. He then takes his gun back out and shoots her in the head.

Schottel says the cops had written Mays citations for the dog on previous occasions.

The question in this case will be: Does the cop's behavior qualify as "reasonable" in the legal sense, i.e., in the way "reasonable" has been interpreted in federal case law?

Schottel thinks not. Citing a case in the Ninth Circuit, he claims that the shooting was "objectively unreasonable" because Howell "was not in any immediate danger, which called for the use of deadly force."

Below is a copy of the lawsuit.

Mays v. Howell and City of LaGrange

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i'm speechless and completely disgusted. both of the officers need to be help accountable for this act of animal cruelty. 


RIP Cammie. There will be justice.


NEVER EVER TRUST A KWAP! This Goes for Whites as well as blacks. Kwaps are thugs with a badge. I never, ever shed a tear when I read or hear that a thug took down a kwap or that a kwap takes down a thug. They're two sides of the same coin. NEVER EVER fall for the media deception that Kwaps are on your side! They are not! Kwaps are tax collectors for the corporation. White people shold never ever think that a White Kwap is on their side or supportive of them because they're a White Kwap will severely beat a White unlike a black because they know there will be zero retribution for the Kwap beating a White but there mught be blowback for beating a black.

Remember AmeriKwa - Kwaps are not there to defend you or your rights. Kwaps are there to take ALL your rights away. These donut snarfing pigs only show up after a crime, never when they're in progress nor do they ever prevent any! Kwaps are the Public's Public Enemy No. 1


"Lookit, Billy Bob, I jus' kilt me a vicious dog." "Whyd ja kill et fur, Joe Bob?' "Well, the damn thing  growled at me!"

"Dats okay then. It was justafiable."

"But my brother in law's gonna be mitey pissed, Billy Bob."

"Why for, Joe Bob?"

"Cuz da bitch wuz carryn' his child."  

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