Brandon Boyles: Palmyra Man Had Six-Foot- Long Alligator in his House

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Palmyra Cobra resize.jpg
An oh-so-cuddly cobra was part of Brandon Boyles' menagerie.
Acting on an anonymous tip, Palmyra Police raided the home of Brandon Boyles on January 30 and discovered more than 30 exotic animals in his keeping, including a six-foot-long alligator, poisonous snakes and constrictors (one measuring thirteen feet long), and some spiders and scorpions.

According to Palmyra Police Chief Eddie Bogue, possessing exotic animals is prohibited within Palmyra city limits, but you can have them in Marion County if you register them with the county sheriff's office. Boyles was fined for his collection of exotics, and they were all removed from his home by state conservation officials and a team from our own St. Louis Zoo.

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Honestly what is the attraction of owning exotic pets?  They are very difficult to care for, potentially dangerous, and support a dubious global industry in wild and endangered animals.  Typically people that are successful at owning these animals do so at tremendous personal cost in money and time.  More often than not you hear stories (like this one) in the media about the situations that go wrong and how others are left to clean up the mess.

Be responsible and think hard before owning an exotic pet, otherwise leave them in the wild where they belong.

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