Giveaway: An Evening with Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham.jpg
Jeff Dunham wants you to come have a good time at his show.
I have one pair of tickets to give away to comic puppetmaster Jeff Dunham's show at the Family Arena on Wednesday, February 29. "Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos" features all of his most popular puppets as well as two new characters: Achmed Junior, son of Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Little Jeff, a puppetized version of Dunham.

So how do you win these tickets? Easy. First, the ground rules.
1. YOU MUST LEAVE SOME SORT OF CONTACT INFO WITH YOUR COMMENT. Either a working, frequently-checked email address, a Twitter handle or an actual phone number are the ideal means of contact.
2. You must be able to pick up the tickets at the RFT offices.
3. You must not be Jeff Dunham. Or a puppet, come to think of it.

OK, that's it. For the tickets, tell me, "Who makes Dunham's custom puppets?" First correct answer wins it, and we'll go by order of comment in the event of simultaneous log-in.

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Family Arena

2002 Arena Parkway, St Charles, MO

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Absolutely loved Jeff Dunham at Wembley. With regards to Peanut being a weak link I think that this comment is disproved by the fan choice as all of the Peanut merchandise was sold out before we even made it to the stand.

Great artist i am very happy to see this lovely pic his voice make me life my 2 year old baby like him very much.

Robin Watt
Robin Watt

Jeff Dunham has made most of his own puppets; however, a few he did not. Peanut was originally made by Verna FinleyJose was the first puppet that he had made himself and the rest were made by him except, Melvin which was created by Renegade Effects Groups, and he later installed the mechanics into himself.

Wayne Funderburk
Wayne Funderburk

Jeff Dunham, himself designs and creates them himself.Please contact me at Bowler003@aol.comMy name is Wayne

Xavior Penguin
Xavior Penguin

According to a documentary that he had regarding a DVD he had, he stated that he makes his own puppets.Contact: xavior.penguin (at)


Will you be giving away any more tickets to his show? 

Mike N.
Mike N.

I'm pretty much convinced that Jeff Dunham's puppets (and Jeff Dunham) are spawns of Satan; that's the only thing that could explain his popularity...


He makes his own.

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