Jeff Dunham: Two More Tickets to Give Away to Tomorrow Night's Show

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Comic ventriloquist brings his cast of characters to the Family Arena tomorrow night for his latest one-man, many-puppets show. I have another pair of tickets to give to a lucky Jeff Dunham & Co. fan, and all you have to do is answer a simple question.

As always, here are the ground rules.

1. YOU MUST LEAVE SOME SORT OF CONTACT INFO WITH YOUR COMMENT. Either a working, frequently-checked email address, a Twitter handle or an actual phone number are the ideal means of contact.
2. You must be able to pick up the tickets at the RFT offices.
3. You must not be Jeff Dunham. Or a puppet, come to think of it.

All right, here's your question: Jeff Dunham made a cameo in a movie that starred Paul Rudd. What was it?

First person with the correct answer wins, and we'll go by time stamp on the email in the event of simultaneous answers.

Location Info


Family Arena

2002 Arena Parkway, St Charles, MO

Category: Music

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It was a great show i enjoyed a lot Love Jeff Dunham

hi Paul Friswold Jeff is a great artist and a great comedian in this history...


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Dinner for Schmucks


cara_ahern@yahoo:disqus .com

314-615-6965by the way


 You are correct, madame. More importantly, you're first. Email is coming your way with the details.

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