Jovica Petrovic Sentenced for Cyber-Stalking, Extorting Ex-wife

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Jovica Petrovic sentenced today for cyber-stalking his ex-wife
Jovica Petrovic, a 62-year-old German citizen, was sentenced today to 97 months in prison for cyber-stalking and extorting his former American wife.

Last November, a jury found him guilty upon learning of the bizarre events that transpired after the couple's divorce: Petrovic posted on a website some images of them having sex (which he'd secretly recorded). He also added personal information about the woman's past and her children.

In addition, the jury learned how Petrovic printed that web address on about 150 postcards and mailed them to her colleagues, friends, family -- even the local Walgreens. He told her he'd take down the site if she gave him furniture, her wedding ring and  $100k.

"I was out of my mind," Petrovic told the court today in a long, meandering statement delivered with a heavy German accent (he was born in Croatia but grew up in Germany; he also has a doctorate in economics).

His attorney, Steve Stenger, added that the government had "overreached" in a private dispute, and sought to "demonize" his client.

Assistant U.S. attorney John Sauer, however, countered that Petrovic "made himself into a demon" by committing acts that were "vile, appalling and disgusting." The defendant's deeds were coldy calculated in advance, Sauer added, to destroy his ex-wife and inflict as much personal pain and humiliation as possible.

In the end, it came down to the opinion of U.S. district court judge Henry Autrey.

"We can do so many things with the Internet," Autrey said drily. "Nobody can see us as we slink and stalk and covet. It's fun. The Internet is a beautiful thing."

But Petrovic was trying to diminish his responsibility, the judge observed, by suggesting that his ex-wife was complicit in his crimes. Autrey -- like the jury -- found such a version of events "inconceivable." 

The government had asked for a sentence above the guideline range for a total of 87 months. Judge Autrey went above and beyond that, sending Petrovic away for 96 months.

Petrovic said he would appeal. 

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Let's be clear about the background of Croatia. Germany conquered Austria quietly through the Anschluss. Croatia was next. The Nazi Party there took over the government and immediately went after Orthodox Christians. There was even a case of Franciscans in religious garb running a concentration camp.  Mejagorje was the scene of one severe butchery.  Serbians are Orthodox and were involved in this conflict.  Islam was a willing ally of the Nazis. Reprisals occurred later in the 90s against the Bosnians.  Serbians and Croats never have liked one another and this conflict extends back centuries that we in America look at from an "instant coffee" perspective and our 235 year history. 


Let's be clear.  This man may have been born in Croatia but he is actually Serbian.  In any event, the title of this article is disgraceful for emphasizing the man's ethnicity. 

Your Momma
Your Momma

8 Years? Felons with guns get far far less. Anyway, I see the extortion. Been a crime forever as it should be. 

But what the hell is cyber-stalking? Putting up factual information on the internet? RFT is guilty as well. Simply because you don't like your subject? RFT, I am sure, is guilty again in certain instances. 


A Croatian is not a Serbian.  Ask a Serbian!  And, Mr. P. was wrong, but this is a case of crimes of passion which cannot be measured.  A mistake is a mistake is a mistake and...the Mrs. used him for his money and what she could get from Mr. P.   When he ran out of money, she dumped him.  Rage ensued.  What can you expect from a gold-digger and a fool?  And, there is no greater fool than an old fool.  Mr. Petrovic is about 30 years older than the former Mrs. P. 

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