And We Wonder Why Apes Throw Feces at Us?

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Life imitates art, hanging upside down from a banana tree.
A pair of male lowland gorillas experienced a few hours of freedom yesterday at the Kansas City Zoo. According to the Kansas City Star, the 400-pound primates made their into a zookeepers' area where they were able to glimpse inside the enclosure that houses the zoo's female gorillas.

"They were posturing for the females," Julie Neemeyer, the zoo's director of marketing, told the Star. "They were doing what male gorillas do."

The escaped gorillas reportedly posed no threat to visitors to the park, but that didn't stop zoo officials from blasting the animals with water hoses to get them to return to their cages.

Fast forward to the year 3978 A.D. and Charlton Heston (below) wonders why he's treated the same way by his ape masters!? Oh, it's a madhouse! A madhouse, indeed!

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Shelley Powers
Shelley Powers

A primate escaped in May, too, as noted in the Zoo's USDA inspection. And the inspection before that one noted that a chimp died from heat exposure. In fact, the zoo has infractions most inspections.

The KC Zoo needs a lot of work.


If you or I or all of us were in a cage being harrassed all day by a bunch of galkers throwing food scraps and peanuts at us , I bet we would flick more than shit!!

Shelley Powers
Shelley Powers

Been a while since you've been to the zoo? Because last time I checked, throwing food at animals is strictly forbidden. 


Feeding the animals is forbidden but people still do it all the time. I see such things each time I go to the zoo!!

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