Woman Gets Herself Arrested In Order to Find a Ride to St. Louis

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"Emergency! I need a ride."
If you've got a court date in St. Charles, but you're 3.5 hours away without a ride, one option is public transportation. Another is hitchhiking.

Yesterday, 22-year-old Emily Troncoso of Kirksville hatched the ingenious plan of getting herself arrested - on purpose - in order to be transferred there, free of charge.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, she dialed 911 no fewer than 13 times in 24 minutes, demanding that cops come and take her into custody for misusing the emergency line.

According to the Kirksville Daily Express, they obliged her. Of course, now she faces a max sentence of six months behind bars and a $500 fine.

The court date in St. Charles she so desperately needed to attend was a probation hearing. Sounds like probation isn't going that well so far.

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No this dumb Black chick who calms she now black is in the St.Charles Adult Corrections. I happen to know she a real pain in the butt according to people that know her


Man you really have to wonder who comes up with all that stuff. WOw.Total-Privacy dot US


Nowhere in this article nor in the original article from the Kirkville Daily Express does it say the woman was transported to St. Charles after her arrest in Kirksville. So the title of this article is factually incorrect and misleading.


Must be a blonde!!! Because that is just too dumb for words. Don't this trick know that getting arrested is a probation violation!!!! LMMFAO!!!!


This woman needs help. she was diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder. she is a very destructive person, to herself and anyone who chooses to be around her. she needs to be stabilized on medication and needs extensive therapy. unfortunately this can be hard to obtain for some. and you also have to want to get the help. its sad if you know her back story. given birth to by a 15yr on crack/cocaine, then molested and given an std as a baby, this poor woman never even had a chance at life, she has dealt with these issues since age of 9. you would never tell anything is wrong by first meeting her or hanging out with her, but spend more than a couple of hours or live with her you are playing with fire. mentally she is very unstable. unfortunately its the ones that need the help the most like this that will be lost in the system. prison is not going to help her. extensive psychiatric therapy in an instutition is the only thing that will give emily a chance

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