Rev. Lawrence Biondi Threatens to Pack Up SLU Medical and Head West

It's officially a goner now.
Saint Louis University President Reverend Lawrence Biondi last night told the city's planning commission that unless SLU received the necessary permits to demolish the historic Pevely Dairy complex at Grand and Choteau, he would be forced to shut down the SLU medical school and move everything out to west county. After all, Biondi noted, Maryville University extended an invitation to SLU to do just that -- 35 years ago.

What was next, a threat to hold his breath till he passed out if they didn't let him tear down the buildings?

The planning commission quickly voted to grant Biondi's wish, thereby insuring that the Pevely complex is not long for this world. But how realistic is that threat?

SLU has numerous buildings on Grand between Choteau and I-44 -- 29 of 'em, according to the campus map, along with 23 parking garages and lots. Does anyone truly believe that Biondi would rather abandon those 29 buildings for the sake of the property on that corner? The future success of SLU's medical school hinges on the Pevely site -- who knew?

SLU also owns the open lot across the street from Pevely that preservationists contend could be the site of SLU's proposed ambulatory care center. SLU's project architect, Steve Smith, told KMOX that's not feasible because it's unrealistic for doctors to walk across the street:

"They can't be crossing Chouteau. We don't want them hopping in their car and driving. This is intended to be a walkable campus."
Yeah, but shutting down 29 buildings and moving everything fifteen miles west, that's totally doable.

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Truly an  empty threat, since SLU no longer owns the hospital.  They can't move the school from the hospital.

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

That campus has not been walkable in all the days I lived in St Louis.  Tearing down yet another historical building will not make it so.  Heres an idea, why dont they just refurbish the building, leaving the city with at least the appearance of history.  It is a perfectly serviceable building after all.


Biondi is fat child molesting cunt. Fuck him and his empty threats and fuck the preservation board pussies who dripped all over the place instead of having a pair of balls and standing up to this waspy suburbanite cracker eating catholic fuck. 


Misleading headline: It should say "Biondi threatened" to pack up. Since the article said SLU  won approval to demolish Pevely, "threatens" is misleading and inaccurate.


SLU's intent is clear. Either we allow SLU to bring the suburbs into the city or SLU moves to the suburbs.

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