Angry Letter-Writer Threatens Legislators, Apologizes for it Later

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Early Tuesday morning, the leader of the state senate received an irate email about the price of gas that veered off into threatening and insulting Senators Victor Callahan, Jolie Justus, Jack Goodman and Robin Wright-Jones. It also made reference to Gabrielle Giffords, the U.S. Senator who was shot at a public event last year. Goodman is a Republican, the rest are all Democrats.

President Pro Tem Rob Meyer alerted Capitol Police, who ratcheted up security and traced the email to a home in eastern Missouri. Late Tuesday afternoon Meyer received another missive, apologizing for the first email by way of explaining that the writer was just super-pissed about the price of gas, and he didn't mean any harm.

Look, anonymous letter writer: Gas prices are gonna go up until all the gas is gone. It's a finite resource, and the laws of supply and demand dictate that the less there is of something, the more it costs. No state senator can change that, and any of 'em who tell you they can are lying.

So go ahead and write letters to your government representatives, but concentrate on the stuff they can actually change -- you know, taxes, job creation, state holidays. And try not to make even passing references to public servants who were shot in the head while doing their jobs; every time you do, someone has to upgrade the security at the Capitol, and that's something we pay all pay for. And Missouri's almost broke already.

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