American Mustache Institute Calls on Tax Breaks for Lip Hair; Plans March on D.C.

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ABC News
Dr. Aaron Perlut calls on a march on Washington.
The St. Louis-based American Mustache Institute last week joined forces with tax preparer H&R Block in calling for a $250 federal refund for men (and women) who proudly wear facial hair.

Dr. Aaron Perlut, chairman of AMI, says the money would go to offset the costs of "groomers, trimmers, hair-coloring implements, bacon" that can cost the mustachioed Americans hundreds of dollars a year.

Right now the campaign lives virtually online where proponents can friend The Stache Act on Facebook and show their support by uploading a photo of themselves with a mustache. No lip hair? No problem.

The Facebook page lets you upload a famous presidential 'stache of your choosing onto your mugshot.

AMI plans a Million Mustache March on Washington D.C. April 1 to further the cause. And despite the date, organizers say its no April Fool's joke.

We shall see.

In the meantime, for every person who "likes" Stache Act on Facebook, H&R Block will make a donation to Millions From One, a charity that provides drinking wells in developing countries.

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First I thought that this was a joke, but they are serious. Does anybody think that this is just crazy? What's next? Tax credit for toothpaste users?


I know that I like my face hair but I think that you all have done way to much drugs back in the 60s, you don't have to shave, you don't have to wax, just let it go. The next thing you knuckle heads will want is for all hair cuts to be paid for, or better yet some one to be hired to wash your lazy ass for you.   

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