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Real Housewife Bethany Frankel should also be illegal.
The Law is a strange thing, and the people who make it sometimes find themselves having the most indelicate conversations.

Representative Dan Beiser (D-Alton) recently proposed a law that would make sex with a corpse illegal in the state of Illinois. It's not knee-jerk response to the rise of zombie slash-fic, but rather came about in the course of drafting a law to criminalize the dumping of bodies, a recurring problem on the East Side.

Madison County State Attorney Tom Gibbons presented the idea to Rep. Beiser, and in the course of Gibbons' research he discovered one case of committed necrophilia that went unpunished because there was no law in place.

To that person we say, "Eurgh."

More importantly, this law makes it illegal to move a dead body away from a crime scene. So all those overdose cases where the body is dumped outside a hospital's ER are now crimes, as are the scenes of the overdoses. Police want to insure the best possible conditions for investigation at these sites, and moving the victim's body often impedes the process.

As far as the whole corpse-lovin' problem, it's not often but it does happen. All instances save the one mentioned involve sickos who murder and rape someone -- in that order -- and then claim it wasn't rape because the person was dead.

To those people also, we say "Eurgh," and "get the hell out of here with that shit."

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Create a law against necrophilia and the liberals will be OUTRAGED and MARCH against it. Liberals are garbage.


I just spent a night with morebeer's ex....  Not only was she cold and stiff, the corpse breath made the experience truly exceptional. In her case death was listening and would take the first man that screams. Not the first time I bit my tongue to keep from dying.


There once was a hermit named Dave,   who kept a dead whore in his cave.And though I'll admit   that it did stink a bit,Just think of the money he saved.  There was a young man of BrasiliaWhose hobby was gerontophilia,Till his partner dropped dead,“I guess now,” he said,“I’ll have to take up necrophilia.” There once was a foolish young ladWho had sex with the corpse of his dad.Said dastardly Marcus,"He may be a carcass,But his stiffy's the best that I've had!"


ohh so I guess that makes you pro necrophilia. Had any dry dead pussy or limp dead dick lately?

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