Roger Goodell Prefers Expansion to Evacuation

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was on Costas Tonight: Live From the Superbowl last night discussing the possibility of a team relocating to Los Angeles, and the Ginger Hammer now seems much more partial to adding new teams to the mix rather than relocating teams. Sayeth the Rog to Costas:

"Really, we want to keep our teams where they are, and that's the dilemma because not only do we have to get the stadium in L.A., then we have to get the team."
Does this give St. Louis the upper hand in the ongoing negotiations concerning Edward Jones Dome upgrades?

Probably not. The NFL is the most powerful sports league in America, so it's never bargaining from a position of weakness.

But potential expansion did spark an idea: Maybe we let the Rams and their 15 wins and 65 losses in the past five seasons move to L.A., and then claim one of those expansion teams. We can start over with a clean slate -- one without a lease agreement that requires us to keep rehabbing a billionaire's playhouse every decade.

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Would St. Louis 'slide off' into the River if it did not have an NFL team? Is this whatdefines us? May be to ourselves. To the convention and travel world? Nope.


Eddie DeBartolo should be the owner of a new LA franchise. Bring back the spirit of the '90s 49ers!

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