Anti-Baldness Meds Helped Heads but Weakened Willies, Lawsuit Sez

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Propecia wilts man-fun, say litigants
Even as lawsuits against Merck and its anti-baldness pill Propecia consolidate at the federal level, litigants at the state level are still piling on -- right here in St. Louis, for example.

The big problem with Propecia, according to a lawsuit filed last month in city circuit court, is that it treated one man-problem (pattern baldness), but caused other man-problems.

Specifically, the packaging contained no warnings about "erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, reduced sensation and infertility."

And it's not just the men complaining about this, according to the Madison County Record:
The wives who are part of the lawsuit say they, too, were damaged by the companies' actions and the drug's effect on their husbands.
Oh ladies. We feel you. Daily RFT ain't gettin' any either.

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Screw Propecia. Google "Acell Hair surgery"


A head of hair or a rock hard cock?  We truly have become a money-grubbing society, led by ambulance chasers who file suit over anything and everything.  Let's see how this plays out: Fat old bald headed bastards try to grow hair using Propecia and suddenly they can't get it up. So they hire Gary Poopen, of Clown & Poopen, to file another frivolous lawsuit. Then, smelling money like vultures, they drag in their fat tired menopausal  wives who claim the drug has ruined their sex lives. (Never mind they have slept in seperate bedrooms for the past fifteen years and haven't had sex since Carter was president.) But the wise judge dismisses the suit. "To all of you sleazy impotent plaintiffs: stop taking Propecia and your little shriveled peckers can once again become erect!" And if that doesn't work remember this:

There was a violinist named LaRockwho tied a  violin string to his cock.At every erectionhe played a selection fromJohann Sebastian Bach!

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

Bald or flaccid! Pick one! Getting old is no fun.

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