St. Louis Novice Golden Gloves Tournament Results

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Albert Samaha
​It's fight week. Just five days until Devon Alexander and Marcos Maidana square off at Scottrade. But one shouldn't just jump right into the spectacle when the robes are off and the bell rings. Big time prizefights are best enjoyed with due time, heavy lead-ups to build up the hype and sufficiently ease into a boxing state of mind by fight night.

So as a bit of primer, let's kick off the week the way Alexander and Maidana kicked off their careers all those years ago, with the headgear and shortened rounds of amateur boxing.

On Friday, the top rookie fighters in the region competed in the St. Louis Novice Golden Gloves tournament finals. The novice division is for boxers with less than ten fights on their resume. This inexperience, though, did not mean a lack of excitement. Many of the nineteen contests featured rousing exchanges and sound tactical shifts.

Here are the results, with champions in bold:

108 lbs., 15-16 yrs
Alejandro Douglas (Fight Factory) defeated Andre Pearson (Cherokee) by decision.

114 lbs., 15-16 yrs.
Gerald Scott (North County Athletic Association) defeated Andre Durhan (Buder) by decision

123 lbs., 15-16 yrs.
Cole Gassett (St. Charles Boxing Club) defeated Antoine Stallart (Cherokee)

123 lbs., 17-20 yrs.
Kevin Ford (Buder) defeated Zack Cusomano (N.C.A.A.) by decision

123 lbs., 21-34 yrs.
Terry Washington (N.C.A.A.) no contest versus Marcus Hayes (Kings) via walkover

132 lbs., 21-34 yrs.
Martino Grandelious (N.C.A.A.) defeated Jeremy McDaniels (St. Peters Boxing Club) by decision

132 lbs., 17-20 yrs.
Keionte Brown (N.C.A.A.) no contest versus Joshua Augustine (St. Charles MMA) via walkover

141 lbs., 15-16 yrs
Sanel Kapic (Hard Knocks) defeated Deondre Todd (The Boxing Gym) by decision

141 lbs., 17-20 yrs.
Byron Clinkscale (Pagedale) defeated Diego Chavez (Hard Knocks) by decision

141 lbs., 21-34 yrs. (men's)
Anthony Roldos (N.C.A.A.) defeats Demetrius Bolden (Marquette) by decision

141 lbs., 21-34 yrs., (women's)
Rebecca Gullet (21st Century) defeated Katie Scharlow (Premier) by KO1

152 lbs., 17-20 yrs.
Dillan Politte (Hard Knocks) defeated Alexander Vogt (Too Good Boxing Club) by decision

152 lbs., 21-34 yrs.
Kirk Huff (St. Charles MMA) defeated Diontae Blanks (DJCF Boxing Club) by decision

165 lbs., 17-20 yrs.
Cody Roth (Belleville Boxing Club) defeated Matt Lockett (Realm) by KO1

165 lbs., 21-34 yrs.
Eric Siesener (Respect Center) defeated Javon Carpenter (Kings) via third round disqualification

178 lbs., 21-34 yrs.
Quartez McRath (Belleville Boxing Club) no contest versus Robert Bazdresch (Hard Knocks) via walkover

-201 lbs., 21-34 yrs.
Mitch Markus (Hard Knocks) defeated Eric Medina (S.B.A.C.) by decision

-201 lbs. 17-20 yrs.
DeAndre Turner (Cherokee) no contest versus Miquel Romero (Kings) via walkover

+201 lbs., 21-34 yrs.
Tyrone Thompson (Kings) defeated Brandon Dunn (Tandy) by decision

Outstanding Boxer Award
Anthony Roldos

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