Top 5 Pieces on Trent Arsenault, Missouri-born DIY Sperm Donor / Porn Star

Trent Arsenault, Missouri native and DIY sperm donor (and DIY porn star)
You either know Trent Arsenault as:

(a) the 36-year-old virgin in California who has fathered 15 children by giving away his own "organic" sperm on the Internet, OR

(b) "TrentDog," the amateur porn star on Xtube who's videotaped himself masturbating with a water polo ball and frozen blueberries.

But did you know he grew up in Springfield? We didn't, until we read this terrific piece in New York Magazine over the weekend, detailing the man's fight with the FDA and personal journey from geeky teen to fertility industry iconoclast.

Turns out his father is a big-wig minister in the planet's biggest Pentecostal church, the Assemblies of God:
No one who knew Trent when he was growing up in Missouri, the second of three children, would have pegged him as a future fertility god. He was geeky and gawky and didn't have many friends. He attended church four days a week to hear his father's sermons, but he describes his home life as having been more "cordial" than intimate and remembers at a very young age questioning the faith in which he was raised.
Here are some recent pieces on Arsenault that we found intriguing:

5) Recipe for the fertility smoothies that he eats (

Looks yummy, to be honest.

4) A lil' overseas coverage (

In which Arsenault says: "It's not that much more different than a couple knowing each other who want to have a baby. It's just from me it comes in a cup versus sex."

3) Video interview w/ reader questions (Huffington Post)

In which Arsenault is asked by a reader: "How do you feel about natural insemination - actually having sex with women?"

2) Interview with Anderson Cooper (

In which Anderson asks him about his sexually explicit videos!

1) The aforementioned NY Mag piece.

It's good. You should read it.

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