Reports: Marshall Faulk Loses Florida Condo to Foreclosure

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In his 13 years in the NFL, Marshall Faulk eluded linebackers and defensive tackles like a football version of Houdini. Now the St. Louis Rams' Hall-of-Fame running back may have found the one opponent he can't escape: creditors. 

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Last month PNC Bank sacked Faulk with a foreclosure notice, stating that he stopped paying the mortgage on his Broward County condominium in southeast Florida. Faulk purchased the 1,000-square-foot pad in 1999 for $139,000 and still owes $112,000 on the unit, according to reports. He reportedly owes the condominium association another $21,982 for failing to pay for condo fees. In 2010 the IRS filed a lien on the condo, saying that the former football star (now an NFL analyst) owed more than $105,000 in federal income taxes. Faulk has since settled that claim.

Edit note: This post originally reported that Faulk paid three years of back taxes last August to keep a condominium he owns in St. Louis. The taxes were paid, as we reported, but not by Faulk. A St. Louis investment firm purchased the condominium at tax auction and paid off the $27,000 in delinquent fees. More info on that here.

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oh my gracious..the man is bcuz he required space for the day & denied ur snot nosed child an autograph, he deserves to lose his home..NUTZ..heck, he was probably FURIOUS that he saw your drunk behind, w ur ur child, n a sports bar. i assure u mf isn't headed to the poor house..poor management of that home, maybe but the man is absolutely deliberate & sweet..probably a favor he did for a side chic..he rewarded his his fans w a superbowl, now U won't recognition..whew..albinos r sumpthn else..just hate he married 1, is all..anyhoot...because he's been a blessing 2 so many people; that he will be blessed, n spite of not signing ur offspring's forehead;)..lollol.. ur not entitled to america and our men. had it been alec baldwin, you wouldn't have approached him because he wudv beat u all da way to the white


Karma is a bitch Marshall. Remember when the little kid in the Faulk jersey asked for your autograph, at a sports bar , and you said no? Faulk you!


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