Mayor Alvin Parks Rethinks ESL's Late-Night Liquor Sales in Wake of Shootings

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Alvin Parks ESL Mayor.jpg
East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks.
East St. Louis native and Illinois Senator Dick Durbin last month urged Mayor Alvin Parks to end the city's late-night liquor sales in the hopes that it would cut down on violent crime. As he had done in the past, Parks rejected the notion.

But after two separate shootings long after midnight this weekend apparently convinced the mayor that the time was right to institute a 1 a.m. cut-off point for all non-casino liquor sales.

Two St. Louis men, ages 21 and 27, were shot around 4 a.m. Saturday after leaving Club Flava (200 block of Collinsville Avenue) and were treated for non-life threatening wounds at an area hospital. 

Just about 4 a.m. Sunday, Steven H. Holmes, 23, was shot and killed while walking to his car after being denied entry at Club 103 (100 block of Collinsville). 

In addition to banning all post-1 a.m. liquor sales until further notice, the city suspended Club 103's liquor license and pulled Club Flava's business license. Both clubs will have disciplinary hearings this week to determine if they can regain those licenses. 

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Well it's about time! It's worse than being in Baghdad Iraq on the weekends in East Saint Louis. Stopcomplaining, I can agree with you that this last bout of gun play was the result of a vendetta. However, there's shooting in East Illo there ALL THE TIME! We know it's a small percentage of the population slinging ROARING GUN SMOKE but they are causing so much chaos something needs to be done. 

The city is in desperate need of beat cops patrolling around the night clubs, strip clubs liquor stores and neighborhoods. I can remember the last of the beat cops patrolling around the Delmar / Union area when the police station was there. The criminals had to act REALLY FAST in order to pull something off then. I'd be happy to see the Nation of Islam patrolling the streets of East Saint Louis. They seem to garner a bit more respect than the average Joe. Unfortunately, with the ignorant attitudes toward Muslims, they would have the authorities investigating THEM instead of chasing down the crooks and criminals that slither throughout the city. 

The reality of the matter is the economy is awful and there's no money to fund anything like I describe. I'll bet there's one deterrent that would work and it would not cost much, PUBLIC BEATINGS! Enough of the miscreants get their hides worn off of them, the rest would get the message. YEAH! Public Beatings with citizen participation, that's the ticket!


Mayor, I understand your decision, but unfortunately,this will not reslove the issue totally. This was a vendetta that started at least days before the shooting. It had nothing to do with the club.

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